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D8S Hid Xenon Globe Bulb 35W

  • Item Type:Light Sourcing
  • Car Brand:Replacement for Harvard H9/Haima family M5/Family 4th/Ford Mustang
  • Wattage:35W
  • Xenon Light Type:Single Xenon Light
  • Color Temperature:5500K
  • Voltage:12V
  • Light Source:Xenon
  • Car Model:Replacement for Harvard H9/Haima family M5/Family 4th/Ford Mustang
  • Xenon Light Model:D8S
  • Warranty:2years warranty
  • Color temperature:5500K super white
  • OEM available:yes
  • Certificate:CE, RoHS
  • Applicability:For Greatwall Harvard H9/Haima family M5/family 4th/ Ford Mustang
  • Product name:D5S hid xenon bulb globe bulb 5500K
  • long service life:more than 3500 hours
  • Design:New power with 35W more than original 25W, new color light
  • High quality:yes
  • Voltage:12V

Product Description

D8S Hid Xenon Globe Bulb Replace for Great Wall Harvard H9 Haima Family M5/Family 4/Ford Mustang Headlight Lights
Why we need to replace for original D8S bulbs?
The difference between our new modified D8S and original lamp:
1. The original is is just 25W, just offer weak light. The modified D8S is available from 25W to 55W (35W is suggested). That means, you can use 55W ballast to get more light and much brighter. 
3. The original is 4300K, 1900LM, light is so weak and dim. The modified D8S 35W is 5500K, 3600LM, much brighter. 
4. The original ballast need standard voltage 13.2V; cold boot 6.1A; steady current 2.2A. Suggestion on ballast for modified D8S: starting current should not be greater than 6.5A; steady current stay between 2-2.5A. The modified D8S is more stable.
5. Power for modified D8S is greater than original lamp, so there will be no malfunction. The only problem may be interference. IF there is interference, please use anti-interference or canbus ballast.
Attention please:  
1. We suggest that this new D8S lamp should be used with anti-interference or canbus ballast.
2. This lamp is applicated as low beam
Replace for Great Wall Harvard H9,
Replace for Haima Family M5,
Replace for Haima Family 4,
Replace for Ford Munstang.
Product Specifications:
1. 12V 35W AC.
2. Less power consumption.
3. Longer service life up to 3500hours.
4. The quality is high. almost no malfunction.
5. 18 months warranty, you can feel free to place order and use it.
6. Color temperature: 5500K.