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HB1 40W X2 White 6000K Bulbs Replace Bi Xenon Lamp

  • Light Source:LED
  • Color Temperature:6000K
  • Led Beam Type:Combo
  • Voltage:12V
  • Chip Assembly Type:SMD
  • Car Brand:For camery/focus and so on
  • Wattage:35W/bulb for single beam. 40W/bulb for dual beam
  • Car Model:for Kia/hyundai/audi/ford/peugeot/citreon/volvo/benz/bmw
  • Product name:CNSUNNYLIGHT Turbo Car LED Headlight Bulbs
  • LED chips:built with 4/6PCS Epistar chip LEDs
  • Beam available:H4, 9004, 9007, 9008, H13, H7, H1, H3, H11, 9005, 9006, 9012, 880, 881
  • Lumen:3500lm/bulb, 7000LM/set
  • Application span:Car, Motorcycle, Motorbike, Boats, Trucks, other vehicles
  • Certificate:CE Rohs ISO9001-2008 IP67
  • Installation:Play and plug
  • Super long life:50000 hours
  • Color:6000K Super white

Product Description

Product Advantages:
• Pro-Turbo LED uses Tailor LEDs and ADOB technology for a perfect beam pattern
• Crystal clear LED lighting without dark spots
• 6000 K white light shining at 7,000 Lm (3,500 lumens per bulb)
• Long bulb life due to improved thermal-induced heat control with LED drivers and TurboCool fans
• Over 50,000 hours of brilliant, continuous light
• Rainproof driver, housing, and fan - even works underwater
• 20-minute, out-of-the box installation
• Replace your stock bulbs using ADOB beam technology
• CAN bus ready, compatible with any vehicle’s CPU
• Superior heat-dissipation
• No-delay illumination
• Compatible with most vehicles
Product details:
• Lumens: 3500 per bulb, 7000 per pair
• Single-beam input optical power: 35 W per bulb, 70 W per pair
• Dual-beam input optical power: 40 W per bulb, 80 W per pair (high beam); 35 W per bulb, 35 W per pair (low beam)
• Voltage: 8 to 48 V
• Beam angle: 275 degrees
• Service life: 50k hours
• Light color: 6k (cold white)
• 1-year warranty
• Package includes: 2 bulbs, 2 LED drivers
Product features:
• Single-beam models: H1, H3, 880/881/H27, H7, H8/H9/H11, HB3/9005, HB4/9006, 9012
• Dual-beam models: H4/HB2/9003, 9004/HB1, 9007/HB5, H13/9008
• Single-beam LED chips: 4-piece Epistar
• Dual-beam LED chips: 6-piece Epistar
• Cooling fan: Built-in Turbo fan
• Waterproofing: IP68

High-lumen LEDs
Epistar LED chips

High-brightness with clean white light for high visibility

High-efficiency turbo cooling
The built-in Turbo fan and unique heat-sink construction provide superior heat dissipation for a long life