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H7 H11 H1 H3 H8 H9 H10 9005 9006 6000K 8000K HID Xenon Light

  • Item Type:Light Sourcing
  • Wattage:55W
  • Car Brand:Universal Use
  • Light Source:Xenon
  • Xenon Light Type:Single Xenon Light
  • Bulb Type:H1,H3,9006/HB4,H8/H9/H11,880/881,H7,9005/HB3/H10
  • Car Model:Trucks @24v
  • Voltage:24V
  • Color Temperature:3000K-12000K
  • Xenon Light Model:h1 h3 h7 h8 h9 h11 9005 hb3 9006 hb4
  • Product name:AC 55W 24V Xenon HID Kit For Truck Light Trailer H7 H11
  • Light Source:24V 55W Super Bight Xenon Hid Light Fast Start
  • Bulb Type:H1 H3 H4-1 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 9005/HB3 9006/HB4 9004/7-2 880/1 5202/H16
  • Lumen:4000lm
  • Application span:Universal
  • Certificate:CE Rohs, Waterproof and Weatherproof
  • Installation:100% play and plug
  • Super long life:3500 hours
  • Color:3000K, 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K
  • Work temperature:-40~105 degree

Product Description

H7 Xenon HID Kit 55W Car Headlight Slim Ballast Fast Start H1 H3 H4-2 H8 H9 H11 9006 Xenon Conversion Bulb 4300K 6000K 8000K 12V
Main Advantage:
0.1s Fast start and upto 90% brightness; 3s upto 100% Lumen Output.
Output Constant Power: 55W ± 0.5W AC
High output power,  always 80% brighter than the normal one.
100% Waterproof, 100% Weatherproof.
Vision is always Clean.
Main Feature:
Models Option: H1, H3, H4-1, H7, H7R, H8/9/11, H10/9005/HB3, 9006/HB4, 9012, 9004/7-1, 880/881/H27, 5202, D2, H13-1, and other single beams.
This link is saling as Single Beam light, If you want Bi-xenon (high and low beam), Please contact us.
Lumenous: More than 4000 Lumen
Output Constant Power: 55W ± 0.5W AC
Working Type: AC (Alternating Current), Fast Bright or Fast Start
Input Votage: DC 16-32 Volt
Rated Voltage: DC 26.4 Volt
Rated Current: 2.0 AMP
Start Current: 3.0A Max
Clean Vision
Play and plug
Beam Angle: 360o
Light source: 24V 55W fast bright xenon hid light
IP68 grade waterproof, 100% weatherproof
Super heat dissipation
Almost no delay to light up
Long service life 3500 hours
18 Months Warranty
Color Option: 3000K (Golden Yellow), 4300K(Warm White), 6000K (Cold White), 8000K(Crystal Blue), 10000K(Blue), 12000K(Blue More), 30000K(Deep Blue), 
Suitable for all Trucks, Boats and most of 24V vehicles