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H7 LED Bulb Holders Adapters Lamp Base

  • Suitable For Lamp:Headlights
  • Item Length:led headlight bulb Socket for H7
  • Special Features:h7 led base
  • Item Height:h7 led base
  • Item Weight:H7 special adaptors base sockets
  • Item Width:led headlight bulb H7 base
  • Manufacturer Part Number:h7 led Socket
  • Material Type:ABS
  • Other Part Number:h7 led Adapter
  • Product name:LED H7 Sockets Headlight Bulb Holders Adapters Base
  • Material:Metal
  • Selling as:2 piece (1pair)
  • Fitments-1:For Mazda CX5 GEELY
  • Fitments-2:For SOUEAST V3 V5 V6 DX7
  • Endure high temperature:yes
  • Application:When replacing with H7 led headligt bulbs
  • H7 led headlight special sockets:led headlight kit H7 special adaptor
  • H7 led bulb adaptor for headlight:sockets for Led bulb H7 headlight
  • H7 adaptors for led headlight:H7 adaptors for led bulb kit

Product Description

H7 LED Bulb Holders Adapters Lamp Base For Mazda GEELY SOUEAST V3 V5 V6 DX7 H7 LED Headlight Bulbs Holder Adapter Base
for Mazda CX5
for GEELY Led Dipped headlight replacemet bulb
for SOUEAST: V3/V5/V6/DX7
Features of H7 LED headlight bulb holder:
Special designed for LED headlight bulbs sole piece conversion adapters.
For only halogen capsule headlamps! This will allow you to place any aftermarket LED bulb firmly, quickly on the original headlamp housing without destroying the original socket!
Pop up the hood and compare this product with the stock LED headlamp socket, you can make sure whether this product is compatible with your car.
Easy to install, plug into your existing factory headlight assembly, no modifications needed.